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At its core, qritli is a URL shortener. It can convert long URLs into something that is easier to share.

But sharing URLs isn't what qritli was designed for. Rather, qritli was designed and built to make cross-device and cross-platform web browsing an easier, quicker, and more seamless experience; that is, to make it easier for you to handoff your web browsing from one device to another.

qritli shortens URLs in three different ways, each with different uses in mind:

 1. Generating a QR code that can be scanned from another device (the original qritli concept).

Most useful when handing off from a computer to a mobile device, or between mobile devices.

 2. Generating a 6-character code that can be entered into the qritli website or a qritli browser plugin.

Most useful when handing off from a mobile device to a computer, or between computers.

 3. Generating a 'traditional' shortened link that can be treated as any standard URL.

Most useful when sharing a lengthy URL with another person.

You can access qritli via the website at https://qrit.li, or by installing one of the free browser plugins on offer (currently Chrome and Firefox are supported).

Most modern smartphones have QR scanning built into the default camera app, or you can download your pick of QR scanner from your device's app store.

Questions or Suggestions?

If there's anything I've missed or anything you'd like to suggest (or even if you just want to say 'Hi!'), feel free to send me an email.